I need your help!

- Pikku-Pässi  


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In the centre of the famous Fiskars ironworks lives a tiny black and green steam locomotive named Pikku-Pässi built in 1890. Pikku-Pässi is Finland’s first and oldest narrow-gauge steam locomotive that transported raw materials to the ironworks and distributed ready-made and acclaimed Fiskars products around the world.

During feasts and festivals Pikku-Pässi’s carriages were decorated, and both locals and celebrities like Mannerheim and Bobrikoff went on trips. After the railroad closed down, our beloved Pikku-Pässi stood unemployed outside in the rain and cold. Playing children and their liveliness has kept spirits high, but now it’s time to give Pikku Pässi all the help we can. You can help too!


Save Pikku-Pässi is a project administered by Fiskars Museum. The Fiskars Museum preserves and examines ironworks culture from the 17th century to present. The steam locomotive Pikku-Pässi belongs to Fiskars Museum’s collections.

Your support is vital in enabling the Museum to fulfil its mission of bringing Finland’s first narrow-gauge steam locomotive back to life again.

During the year 2018 Pikku Pässi’s exterior surface was restored. But to bring Pikku-Pässi back to the rails again, we need your help. You can help by making a one-time donation of your choice for the restoration work. Contact the museum or directly the Project Officer and Researcher Kenneth Silver at Kenneth.Silver@fiskarsmuseum.fi.

You can also participate in the project by becoming a museum volunteer.


There are several volunteer groups at Fiskars Museum and voluntary work is an important part of the museum's activities.

Pässi’s Friends - Professionals who help the museum in matters related to repairing, construction and maintenance of the Pikku-Pässi locomotive, it’s wagons and railway track.

50’s Youth - A group for those who lived their childhood or youth in the 1950’s meets every month on the first Tuesday at 2.45pm-4 pm at Café Hammarbacken

Handicraft group- meets on Tuesdays at 6pm-8pm in the cozy Café Hammarbacken (No meetings in July)

The Vividers - the old characters from the iron works at exhibitions and events that introduce museum visitors to history of Fiskars

Exhibition team - professionals from various fields interested in exhibition -, collection - and archive work

Gardening Group – The green thumbs planning and maintaining the museum garden

Helping hands - the museum's friends that help in events and seasonal work in the garden

The museum volunteers have free admission to the museum throughout the year. They will receive a 10% discount on all museum shop products and a 20% discount on space rent. Volunteers receive an information bulletin published 5-7 times a year and have the opportunity to take part in museum study tours and excursions.

Interested? Contact our Museum Education Officer Susanna 044 5752874 or susanna.louneva(at)fiskarsmuseum.fi.

Everyone participates in the activities according to their own resources.

In 2019 it will be 130 years since they first started building Finland’s first narrow-gauge railway with steam traffic. By the year 2019 we also wish to hear the sound from Pikku Pässi’s steam whistle once again!

Thank you for supporting the work to save the oldest narrow-gauge steam locomotive in Finland!



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